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PDO Threadlift is a safe, non-surgical skin lifting & volumizing procedure involving the careful insertion of absorbable sutures made of Polydioxanone (PDO) directly under the skin.  PDO threads can be used in areas of the face and body that need supportive lifting and tightening, such as the lips, jowls, neck, knees and buttocks.  The skin surrounding the threads will build new collagen and continue to grow collagen well after the threads reabsorb. At Aesthetic Creations, we create beautiful, natural looking results using NovaThreads® by lifting sagging skin and improving fine lines and wrinkles with minimal down-time.

It is the best procedure for restoring the neck, jawline and V-Shape. A beautiful and healthy face ha a V-shape. As one ages the V shape diminishes or becomes inverted. The Nu-Mesh and Nu-lift technique creates a scaffolding to support the tissues and keep them in the V-shape or when necessary to delicately lift the tissues and reposition the skin naturally.

Threads come in a variety of lengths and types and are Inserted as a mesh or in straight lines:

  • Smooth threads are used for superficial lines and wrinkles
  • Volumizing threads are used for defining lip borders and reducing deep wrinkles or folds, such as smile lines
  • Lift Threads are small barbed threads used to create an instant, natural lift.
  • Mesh Insertion Type:  Inserted in a Mesh pattern under the skin reducing fine line and wrinkles
  • Straight Lines: Barbed threads can be inserted in a straight line to the cheeks, jowls, chin creating a lift that looks amazing.


Nova® PDO Threads are the most advanced of the PDO threads on the market.

Call today to learn more about this scalpel-free, non-surgical skin lift procedure. 310.955.1329

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