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Are Skin Tags Dangerous?

Skin tags are very common and harmless skin growths that affect both men and women. Skin tags can occur almost anywhere on the body. They most commonly occur on the neck or in places where the skin creases, folds, or rubs against other skin. The good news is skin tags are completely benign (non-cancerous).

These skin growths generally do not cause physical pain or discomfort. The most common reason they are removed is for cosmetic reasons, especially if they are in a highly visible place such as the neck or face. Occasionally, a skin tag may require removal if it becomes irritated or snagged in a zipper or jewelry.Skin tags are usually genetic, which means if your parents or grandparents have them you may also get them.

What Are The Options For Removing Skin Tags?

Although skin tags are harmless, they can be annoying if you do not like the way they look. Fortunately, you do not have to be stuck with skin tags forever. The professional removal of skin tags is important, however, to avoid potential complications such as discoloration, scarring, and infection.

The first step in removing skin tags should always be to seek the services of a qualified medical professional. Removal methods may vary slightly depending on skin type, size, and location of the skin tag.

Many dermatologists prefer to remove skin tags by burning them or snipping them off at their base with surgical scissors or a scalpel.

Freezing skin tags off with liquid nitrogen is another common method for removing skin tags. Liquid nitrogen, however, can leave permanent marks or scarring, especially in patients with dark skin tones. A professional opinion should always be sought to determine the best removal method for your skin tag.

Can You Remove Skin Tags At Home?

The risks of removing skin tags without the help of a medical professional can be quite serious. Using nail clippers to cut them or using string to tie them off may cause bleeding, scarring, or infection.While it may seem like a simple procedure, medical professionals use sterile instruments and surgical techniques. Doing it yourself could lead to complications.

You should also avoid mail order products that claim to remove skin tags. Many products that are available for purchase on the Internet have not been proven safe to use. Your primary care provider or a dermatologist of your choice should be able to remove your skin tags.

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